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Ford Fusion: Body and Paint / Glass, Frames and Mechanisms

Glass, Frames and Mechanisms - System Operation and Component Description. Description and Operation


Fixed Glass. General Procedures

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Glass Cut-Out Wire Power Caulk Gun Power Fixed Glass Removal Tool Cold Knife Knife Vacuum Cleaner Materials Name Specification Sika® SikaTack® MACH 60 / Sika® SikaTack® MACH 30 / Dow® BETASEAL™ Express -  Sika Tack ASAP Urethane Adhesive -  Motorcraft® Ultra-Clear Spray Glass CleanerZC-..

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Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: Brake Vacuum Pump - 1.5L EcoBoost (118kW/160PS) – I4. Removal and Installation

Materials Name Specification Motorcraft® Metal Surface Prep WipesZC-31-B -  Flange Sealant - AnaerobicLoctite® 51031 WSK-M2G348-A7  Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Remove the engine appearance cover. Remove the CAC intake pipe. Refer to: Charge Air Cooler (CAC) Int..

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Owners Manual: Principle of Operation

WARNING: Always drive and ride with your seatback upright and the lap belt snug and low across the hips. WARNING: Children must always be properly restrained. WARNING: Do not allow a passenger to hold a child on their lap when your vehicle is moving. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury or death in the event of a sudden stop or crash. WARNING: All occupants of..


Manual Climate Control

Ford Fusion. Manual Climate Control

Note: Depending on your vehicle option package, the controls may look different from what you see here.

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