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Ford Fusion: Body and Paint / Front Seats

Exterior Mirror. Removal and Installation

Removal NOTE: LH side shown, RH side similar. NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.   WARNING: Before beginning any service procedure in this section, refer to Safety Warnings in section 100-00 General Information...

Front Seats - Overview. Description and Operation

Overview Driver Power Seat - Without Memory The seat control switch contains normally closed contacts which are grounded. An individual circuit is switched to voltage when a specific adjustment position is selected...

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Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Owners Manual: Power Windows

WARNING: Do not leave children unattended in your vehicle and do not let them play with the power windows. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury. WARNING: When closing the power windows, verify they are free of obstruction and make sure that children and pets are not in the proximity of the window openings...

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: Output Shaft Speed (OSS) Sensor. Removal and Installation

Removal Remove the main control valve body. Refer to: Main Control Valve Body (307-01A Automatic Transmission - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35, Removal and Installation). Remove the OSS sensor bolt and the OSS sensor...


Direction Indicators. Interior Lamps

Direction Indicators

Ford Fusion. Direction Indicators. Interior Lamps

Push the lever up or down to use the direction indicators.

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