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Ford Fusion: Front End Sheet Metal Repairs / Front Crossmember. Removal and Installation


  1. Remove the underbody shields.
  1. Remove the fasteners and the front crossmember.
Ford Fusion. Front Crossmember. Removal and Installation


  1. NOTE: Install and hand tighten all fasteners before tightening to specification.

    Install the front crossmember and fasteners.
    Torque: 30 lb.ft (40 Nm)
Ford Fusion. Front Crossmember. Removal and Installation
  1. Install the underbody shields.

    Fender Apron Panel Reinforcement. Removal and Installation


    Front Side Member Extension. Removal and Installation

    Removal NOTE: Left hand (LH) side shown, right hand (RH) side similar. Remove the underbody shields. Remove the front crossmember...

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