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Ford Fusion: Instrumentation, Message Center and Warning Chimes / Message Center - Overview. Description and Operation


The message center is an integral part of the IPC that receives and acts upon much of the same information that is input and used to operate the IPC (gauges, informational indicators, and warning indicators). The message center uses both hardwired and network-based inputs to receive information. The message center functionality is controlled through the message center switch (part of the LH steering wheel switch).

Whenever conditions are present that require a warning message, the message center replaces the last selected display with the new warning display. Once the message is reset or cleared, the message center returns to the last selected display. If multiple warnings are present, the message center rotates through the messages, displaying each warning for approximately 4 seconds. Warning messages are also generally associated with other observable outputs of the IPC (gauges, informational indicators and RTT (message center) indicators). For example, when the BCM detects a low brake fluid condition, the BCM sends the IPC a request through the GWM to illuminate the brake warning indicator and a request to display the LOW BRAKE FLUID message in the message center. This allows the message center to be a more informative supplement to the IPC gauges and indicators.

The system warning messages alert the operator to possible concerns or malfunctions in the vehicle operating systems. System warning messages can be stand-alone messages, but are often associated with another form of indication, such as a gauge or an indicator. The message center displays the last selected feature if there are no additional warning messages. Once a warning message has been displayed, the message must be acknowledged to allow full functionality of the message center by pressing the OK button to acknowledge and clear the warning message. For a complete list of warning messages displayed, refer to the message center section of the Owner's Literature.

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    Message Center - System Operation and Component Description. Description and Operation

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