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Ford Fusion: Automatic Transmission - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35 / Input Shaft. Description and Operation

Input Shaft Exploded View

Ford Fusion. Input Shaft. Description and Operation
Item Description
1 Direct (3, 5, R)/overdrive (4, 5, 6) clutch hub
2 Input shaft
3 Direct (3, 5, R) clutch
4 Overdrive (4, 5, 6) clutch
5 Center planetary sun gear

Input Shaft Cutaway View

Ford Fusion. Input Shaft. Description and Operation

Input Shaft

The input shaft is part of the direct/overdrive clutch assembly and is splined to the torque converter turbine and the center planetary sun gear. The input shaft transfers power from the torque converter to the rear planetary gearset through the center planetary sun gear and the direct (3, 5, R) and overdrive (4, 5, 6) clutches.

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