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Ford Fusion: Automatic Transmission - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35 / Pump Assembly. Description and Operation

Fluid Pump and Transmission Fluid Filter Components

Ford Fusion. Pump Assembly. Description and Operation
Item Description
1 Torque converter
2 Torque converter housing
3 Transmission fluid filter
4 Pump assembly
5 Pump-to-torque converter housing bolt
6 Transmission case

Mechanical Operation

The transmission fluid in the sump area at the bottom of the transmission case flows through a transmission fluid filter to the pump assembly. The pump is bolted to the torque converter housing and is driven by the torque converter hub.

Ford Fusion. Pump Assembly. Description and Operation
Item Description
1 Stator support
2 Pump gears
3 Pump housing
4 TCC control valve assembly
5 Main pressure regulator valve assembly

Mechanical Operation

NOTE: The listed components are only serviced as a pump assembly.

The pump assembly contains the main pressure regulator valve assembly, the TCC control valve assembly, the stator support and the pump gears.

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