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Ford Fusion: Automatic Transmission - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35 / Final Drive. Description and Operation

Final Drive Component Exploded View

Ford Fusion. Final Drive. Description and Operation
Item Description
1 Drive chain drive sprocket
2 Drive chain
3 Drive chain driven sprocket
4 Final drive planetary sun gear
5 Differential assembly
6 Final drive planetary ring gear
7 Torque converter housing

Final Drive Component Cutaway View

Ford Fusion. Final Drive. Description and Operation

Final Drive Chain, Sprockets and Planetary Gearset

The final drive consists of a drive chain and sprockets and a planetary gearset and differential assembly. The drive chain and sprockets transfer torque from the front planetary carrier hub to the differential assembly that has a planetary gearset integrated into it for final drive torque multiplication.

The final drive consists of the following components:

  • Drive sprocket
  • Drive chain
  • Driven sprocket
  • Final drive sun gear
  • Final drive ring gear
  • Final drive planetary carrier and differential assembly

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