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Ford Fusion: Engine - 1.5L EcoBoost (118kW/160PS) – I4 / Engine Component View. Description and Operation

Upper Engine

Ford Fusion. Engine Component View. Description and Operation
Item Part Number Description
1 67506750 Oil level indicator
2 12A36612A366 Ignition coil on plug (4 required)
3 9D3769D376 Fuel injection pump
4 9D3549D354 Fuel injection pump-to-fuel rail fuel supply tube
5 9H4879H487 Fuel rail
6 6C2876C287 Fuel injection pump tappet
7 9F5939F593 Fuel injector (4 required)
8 6M2936M293 Cover assembly
9 1240512405 Spark plug (4 required)
10 12K07312K073 Exhaust camshaft position (CMP) sensor
11 12K07312K073 Intake camshaft position (CMP) sensor
12 6L7136L713 Intake variable camshaft timing (VCT) unit oil control solenoid
13 6L7136L713 Exhaust variable camshaft timing (VCT) unit oil control solenoid
14 Variable camshaft timing (VCT) unit bridge (part of 6049)
15 93469346 Fuel injection pump mounting bracket
16 Vacuum pump mounting bracket (part of 6069)
17 2A4512A451 Vacuum pump assembly
18 9F4909F490 Turbocharger vacuum control solenoid
19 Camshaft cap (8 required) (part of 6049)
20 6A2726A272 Exhaust camshaft
21 6A2706A270 Intake camshaft
22 65006500 Valve tappet (16 required)
23 65186518 Valve collet (16 required)
24 65146514 Valve spring retainer (16 required)
25 6A5366A536 Valve spring (16 required)
26 6G0046G004 Cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor
27 65716571 Valve seal (16 required)
28 9V4549V454 Turbocharger coolant tubes
29 9N4549N454 Turbocharger heat shield
30 6K6826K682 Turbocharger
31 17K07817K078 Lift eye bracket
32 12A64812A648 Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor
33 8K5568K556 Coolant outlet
34 60496049 Cylinder head
35 65056505 Exhaust valve (8 required)
36 65076507 Intake valve (8 required)
37 60516051 Cylinder head gasket
38 9F9919F991 Throttle body
39 94249424 Intake manifold
40 9L4409L440 Charge air cooler

Front Engine

Ford Fusion. Engine Component View. Description and Operation
Item Part Number Description
1 6B3196B319 Crankshaft pulley
2 6P0736P073 Timing belt cover
3 6K2886K288 Timing belt
4 W710954W710954 Exhaust camshaft phaser and sprocket plug and seal
5 6C5246C524 Exhaust variable camshaft timing (VCT) unit
6 W710954W710954 Intake camshaft phaser and sprocket plug and seal
7 6C5246C524 Intake variable camshaft timing (VCT) unit
8 85098509 Coolant pump pulley
9 6K2546K254 Timing belt tensioner
10 8B5958B595 Coolant pump
11 63066306 Crankshaft sprocket gear
12 6C3156C315 Crankshaft Position (CKP) sensor
13 67006700 Crankshaft oil seal
14 6F0016F001 Engine mounting bracket assembly
15 6K2926K292 Camshaft oil seals

Lower Engine

Ford Fusion. Engine Component View. Description and Operation
Item Part Number Description
1 60106010 Engine block
2 6A7856A785 Crankcase vent oil separator
3 67596759 Crankcase vent oil separator tube?
4 12A69912A699 Knock sensor (KS) (2 required)
5 9K4789K478 Thermostat housing
6 92789278 Engine oil pressure switch
7 67146714 Oil filter
8 6L6266L626 Oil cooler mounting bolt
9 6B8566B856 Oil cooler
10 61006100 Piston and connecting rod (4 required)
11 63336333 Upper main bearing (4 required)
12 63376337 Upper main bearing
13 62116211 Upper connecting rod bearing (4 required)
14 63756375 Flexplate
15 6K3016K301 Crankshaft rear oil seal with retainer plate
16 63036303 Crankshaft
17 66006600 Oil pump
18 62116211 Lower connecting rod bearing (5 required)
19 6A3386A338 Lower main bearing (4 required)
20 6K8686K868 Piston oil cool valve
21 63346334 Main bearing beam
22 6B6606B660 Windage tray
23 W7101437W7101437 Oil pump screen and pickup tube O-ring seal
24 6K6216K621 Oil pump screen and pickup tube
25 66756675 Oil pan

    Engine. Description and Operation


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    Fuel Quality

    Choosing the Right Fuel

    Ford Fusion. Fuel Quality

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