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Ford Fusion: Engine - 1.5L EcoBoost (118kW/160PS) – I4 / Engine. Diagnosis and Testing

  1. REFER to: Engine (303-00 Engine System - General Information, Diagnosis and Testing).
    For basic mechanical concerns or to the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) manual for driveability concerns.

    Engine Component View. Description and Operation


    Valve Clearance Adjustment. General Procedures

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Feeler Gauge Hot Air Gun Hose Clamp Remover/Installer Materials Name Specification Flange SealantCU7Z-19B508-A WSS-M2G348-A11  Engine Oil - SAE 5W-20 - Synthetic Blend Motor OilXO-5W20-Q1SP WSS-M2C945-B1  Check With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist...

    Other information:

    Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: Engine Cooling - System Operation and Component Description. Description and Operation

    System Operation Engine coolant flows primarily from the engine to the radiator circuit and back to the coolant pump. Coolant is sent from the coolant pump through the engine block and cylinder head. A separate circuit from the engine also feeds the heater core and turbocharger with coolant...

    Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: Front Drive Halfshafts. Diagnosis and Testing

    Preliminary Inspection Visually inspect the CV joints, housing, boots, and clamps for obvious signs of mechanical damage. If an obvious cause for an observed or reported concern is found, correct the cause (if possible) before proceeding to the next step If the cause is not visually evident, verify the symptom and REFER to Symptom Chart: NVH...


    Adjusting the Steering Wheel

    WARNING: Do not adjust the steering wheel when your vehicle is moving.

    Note: Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position.

    Ford Fusion. Adjusting the Steering Wheel

    Unlock the steering column. Adjust the steering wheel to the desired position.

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