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Ford Fusion: Automatic Transmission - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35 / Specifications

  Lubricants, Fluids, Sealers and Adhesives

Motorcraft® MERCON® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-10-QLVC MERCON® LV

If the transmission fluid does not drain from the oil leveling plug hole, add transmission fluid in increments of 0.25 L/0.26 qts (at operating temperature of 85 - 93 °C, respectively 185 - 199 °F) until the fluid level is even with the oil leveling plug hole.


Transmission fluid   8.98  qt ( 8.5  L)

  General Specification

Item Specification
Transmission Weight   189.60  lb ( 86  kg)

  Solenoid Operation Chart

Base Selector Lever Position PCM Commanded Gear SSA NL (1,2,3,4) SSB NH (3,5,R) SSC NL (2,6) SSD NH (L,R/C 4,5,6) SSE (On/Off) NC TCC NL
P P Off On Off Off On Off
R R Off Off Off Off On Off
N N Off On Off Off On Off
D 1 On On Off Offa Onb Off
  2 On On On On Off Off
  3 On Off Off On Off Off
  4 On On Off Off Off On/Off
  5 Off Off Off Off Off On/Off
  6 Off On On Off Off On/Off

  • Turns on above 8 km/h (5 mph).
  • Turns off above 8 km/h (5 mph).
  • NC = Normally closed
  • NH = Normally high
  • NL = Normally low

  Clutch Application Chart

Gear Forward (1, 2, 3, 4) Direct (3, 5, R) Intermediate (2, 6) Low / Reverse (1, R) Overdrive (4, 5, 6) Low - OWC
Park       H    
Reverse   D   H    
Neutral       H    
1st Gear D H     H   H
2nd Gear D H   H      
3rd Gear D H D        
4th Gear D H       D  
5th Gear D   D     D  
6th Gear D     H   D  
1st Gear Manual H     H    
Planetary Component Front Sun Rear Sun Rear Sun Rear Carrier/Center Ring Rear Carrier/Center Ring Rear Carrier/Center Ring

  • H = Holding
  • D = Driven

  Gear Ratio Chart

Gear Ratio
1st/low 4.584:1
2nd 2.964:1
3rd 1.912:1
4th 1.446:1
5th 1:1
6th 0.746:1
Reverse 2.94:1

  Shift Speeds

Throttle Position Range Shift KM/H MPH
Light Throttle D 1-2 11-16 7-10
  D 2-3 21-27 13-17
  D 3-4 29-37 18-23
  D 4-5 45-56 28-35
  D 5-6 72-90 45-56
Medium Throttle D 1-2 27-43 17-23
  D 2-3 42-55 26-34
  D 3-4 58-77 36-48
  D 4-5 77-106 48-66
  D 5-6 135-177 84-110
Heavy Throttle D 1-2 51-66 32-41
  D 2-3 79-100 49-62
  D 3-4 113-143 70-89
  D 4-5 150-190 93-118
  D 5-6 201-245 125-152

    Automatic Transmission - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35


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