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Ford Fusion: Suspension System - General Information / Specifications

  General Specifications

Item Specification
Ball Joint Deflection
Lower 0.0 mm (0.0 in) - 0.2 mm (0.0079 in)
Ride Height
Front 62.9 mm (2.476 in) ± 12 mm (0.472 in)
Rear 32.3 mm (1.272 in) ± 10 mm (0.394 in)

  Alignment Specifications

Item LH RH Total / Split
Camber -0.80° ± 0.75° -0.80° ± 0.75° 0.0° ± 0.75°
Caster 3.35° ± 0.75° 3.35° ± 0.75° 0.0° ± 0.75°
Toe @ curb ride height (positive value is toe in, negative value is toe out) 0.20° ± 0.20°
Camber -1.20° ± 0.75° -1.20° ± 0.75° 0.0°
Toe @ curb ride height (positive value is toe in, negative value is toe out) 0.15° ± 0.20° 0.15° ± 0.20° 0.30° ± 0.20°
Thrust angle 0.0° 0.0° 0.0° ± 0.50°

    Suspension System - General Information


    Suspension System. Diagnosis and Testing

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