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Ford Fusion: Interior Lighting / Interior Lighting - Overview. Description and Operation

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual / Electrical / Lighting / Interior Lighting / Interior Lighting - Overview. Description and Operation


The interior lighting system consists of:

  • Courtesy lamps
  • Demand lamps
  • Ambient lighting

The courtesy lamps subsystem consists of:

  • Interior lamps
  • Puddle lamps
  • Door ajar switches (integrated into the door latches)
  • Courtesy lamp switch (integrated into the front interior lamp)
  • DDM
  • PDM
  • BCM

The courtesy lamps provide illumination to the vehicle interior and below the exterior mirrors when entering or exiting the vehicle or when requested using the courtesy lamp switch located on the interior lamp.

The demand lamps subsystem consists of:

  • Interior lamps (map lamps)
  • Vanity mirror lamps
  • Glove compartment lamp
  • Luggage compartment lamp
  • BCM

The demand lamps provide illumination to specific areas within the vehicle when needed.

The BCM energizes the interior light relay to supply voltage to the demand lamps when the battery saver feature is not active.

The ambient lighting subsystem consists of:

  • Ambient lighting Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • FDIM (touchscreen)
  • BCM

The ambient lighting provides aesthetically colored illumination to the center console storage bin, cup holders and front tray, the door map pockets, the door release handles, the front and rear footwells for illuminated entry or when the ignition is in RUN with the parking lamps on. The ambient lighting is controlled using the FDIM (touchscreen) controls.

    Interior Lighting


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