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Ford Fusion: Instrumentation, Message Center and Warning Chimes / Warning Chimes - Overview. Description and Operation


The warning chimes provide the driver with audible warnings that act as reminders and supplemental alerts to visual IPC indications such as gauges, indicators and message center warnings. The IPC controls all warning chimes based on messages received from external modules. The IPC prioritizes the chimes according to a preset hierarchy programmed into the IPC software. When more than one chime request is received by the IPC, the most important chime sounds. If a lower priority chime is currently sounding, the higher priority request takes over and replaces or delays the lower priority chime.

The warning chimes are sounded through the audio system speakers and the IPC. The turn signal/hazard on (tick-tock) is the only individual chime that sounds through the IPC, not the audio system. The parking aid and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®®)/Cross Traffic Alert (CTA) warning chimes are sounded through the rear speakers. All other warning chimes are sounded through the front audio system speakers.

The IPC also acts as a backup. In the event of an audio system chime failure, the IPC sounds all chimes that are required.

NOTE: There are instances where some chimes may sound through the IPC and should not be interpreted as a fault in the audio system. An example might be when the ignition is off, with the key in the igntion and the driver door ajar. In this instance, the audio system is offline and the key-in-igntion chime defaults to the IPC.

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