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Ford Fusion: Remote Control / Using the Key Blade

The key cylinder is under a cap on the driver door handle.

To remove the cap:

Ford Fusion. Using the Key Blade

  1. Insert the key blade into the slot on the bottom of the handle and apply upward pressure.
  2. While maintaining upward pressure, move the cap rearward to release it. Gently remove the key while doing so.

To install the cap:

Ford Fusion. Using the Key Blade

  1. Place the cap just forward of the key cylinder.
  2. Applying pressure to the cap, move it forward until it is in place. You may hear a snap as it engages.

Make sure you have properly installed the cap by trying to move it rearward.

    Intelligent Access Key

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    Replacing the Battery

    Note: Refer to local regulations when disposing of your remote control batteries. Note: Do not wipe off any grease on the battery terminals or on the back surface of the circuit board...

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    Manual Climate Control

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