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Ford Fusion: Remote Convenience / Universal Transmitter - System Operation and Component Description. Description and Operation

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual / Electrical / Electronic Feature Group / Remote Convenience / Universal Transmitter - System Operation and Component Description. Description and Operation

System Operation

Universal Transmitter

The universal transmitter learns a hand-held transmitter radio frequency code and stores the code in memory. It consists of 3 buttons with an indicator lamp. Once the universal transmitter code is stored, the universal transmitter emits the radio frequency of the hand-held transmitter when the corresponding button is pressed. The universal transmitter can store 3 unique transmitter codes at a time. The universal transmitter and LH vanity mirror lamp are part of the LH sun visor and share the same power and ground circuits.

    Remote Convenience


    Universal Transmitter. Diagnosis and Testing

    Symptom Chart(s) Symptom Chart: Universal Home Transmitter Diagnostics in this manual assume a certain skill level and knowledge of Ford-specific diagnostic practices...

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