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Ford Fusion: Storage Compartments

Center Console

Stow items in the cup holder carefully as items may become loose during hard braking, acceleration or crashes, including hot drinks which may spill.

Available console features include:

Ford Fusion. Storage Compartments

  1. Front storage compartment with USB ports and auxiliary power point.
  2. Cup holder.
  3. Storage compartment.
  4. AC power point.
  5. Auxiliary power point.
  6. Switch pack.

Overhead Console

Ford Fusion. Storage Compartments

Press near the rear edge of the door to open it.

Rear Seat Armrest (IF EQUIPPED)

Ford Fusion. Storage Compartments

Fold the armrest down to use the armrest and cupholder.

    110 Volt AC Power Point (If Equipped)

    WARNING: Do not keep electrical devices plugged in the power point whenever the device is not in use. Do not use any extension cord with the 110 volt AC power point, since it will defeat the safety protection design...

    Starting and Stopping the Engine


    Other information:

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    Manual Climate Control

    Ford Fusion. Manual Climate Control

    Note: Depending on your vehicle option package, the controls may look different from what you see here.

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