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Ford Fusion: Auxiliary Power Points / 110 Volt AC Power Point (If Equipped)

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Owners Manual / Auxiliary Power Points / 110 Volt AC Power Point (If Equipped)

WARNING: Do not keep electrical devices plugged in the power point whenever the device is not in use. Do not use any extension cord with the 110 volt AC power point, since it will defeat the safety protection design. Doing so may cause the power point to overload due to powering multiple devices that can reach beyond the 150 watt load limit and could result in fire or serious injury.

Note: The power point turns off when you switch the ignition off, or when the battery voltage drops below 11 volts.

You can use the power point for electric devices that require up to 150 watts. It is on the rear of the center console.


Note: Depending on your vehicle, the power point may open to the right or upward.

When the indicator light on the power point is:

  • On: The power point is working, the ignition is on and a device is plugged in.
  • Off: The power point is off, the ignition is off or no device is plugged in.
  • Flashing: The power point is in fault mode.

The power outlet temporarily turns off power when in fault mode if the device exceeds the 150 watt limit. Unplug your device and switch the ignition off. Switch the ignition back on, but do not plug your device back in. Let the system cool off and switch the ignition off to reset the fault mode. Switch the ignition back on and make sure the indicator light remains on.

Do not use the power point for certain electric devices, including:

  • Cathode-ray, tube-type televisions.
  • Motor loads, such as vacuum cleaners, electric saws and other electric power tools or compressor-driven refrigerators.
  • Measuring devices, which process precise data, such as medical equipment or measuring equipment.
  • Other appliances requiring an extremely stable power supply such as microcomputer-controlled electric blankets or touch-sensor lamps.

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