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Ford Fusion: Instrument Cluster

Moonroof (IF EQUIPPED)

WARNING: Do not let children play with the moonroof or leave them unattended in the vehicle. They may seriously hurt themselves. WARNING: When closing the moonroof, you should verify that it is free of obstructions and make sure that children and pets are not in the proximity of the roof opening...


Type 1 and 2 Tachometer Information Display (Type 2 shown Type 1 similar) Speedometer Fuel Gauge Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge Information Display Odometer Located in the bottom of the information display...

Other information:

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: Evaporative Emissions - System Operation and Component Description. Description and Operation

System Operation Refer to the PC/ED manual section 1 Description and Operation. System Diagram Item Description 1 Valve cover 2 Turbocharger inlet pipe 3 Air cleaner (ACL) outlet pipe 4 Vapor ejector 5 Turbocharger to CAC (Charge Air Cooler) tube 6 Dual check valve 7 EVAP (Evaporative Emission) canister pur..

Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Module. Removal and Installation

Removal Release the clips and remove the loadspace trim panel. Disconnect the AWD module electrical connector. Remove the AWD module push pin fasteners and the AWD module. Installation Install the AWD module and the push pin fasteners. Connect the AWD module electrical connector. ..


Parallel Parking

The system detects available parallel parking spaces and steers your vehicle into the space. You control the accelerator, gearshift and brakes. The system visually and audibly guides you into a parallel parking space.

Ford Fusion. Parallel Parking Press the button once to search for a parking space.

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