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Condensation in the Exterior Front Lamps and Rear Lamps

Exterior front lamps and rear lamps have vents to accommodate normal changes in air pressure.

Condensation can be a natural by-product of this design. When moist air enters the lamp assembly through the vents, there is a possibility that condensation can occur when the temperature is cold. When normal condensation occurs, a fine mist can form on the interior of the lens. The fine mist eventually clears and exits through the vents during normal operation.

Clearing time may take as long as 48 hours under dry weather conditions.

Examples of acceptable condensation are:

  • The presence of a fine mist (no streaks, drip marks or large droplets).
  • A fine mist covers less than 50% of the lens.

Examples of unacceptable condensation are:

  • A water puddle inside the lamp.
  • Streaks, drip marks or large droplets present on the interior of the lens.

If you see any unacceptable condensation, have your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer.



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