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Ford Fusion: Fuel System - General Information - 1.5L EcoBoost (118kW/160PS) – I4 / Fuel System - Overview. Description and Operation


NOTICE: Repairs of the fuel system are to be achieved only by replacement of the failed component(s). Repair of a fuel system component should not be attempted.

NOTICE: If directed during assembly of fuel system components, lubricate any seal(s) only with specified material. Failure to follow this instruction may result in seal failure and fuel leakage.

The fuel system:

  • is a variable speed Closed Loop Pressure Control (CLPC) Fuel System with Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDI).
  • uses a single container (L-shaped) fuel tank.
  • has a fuel level sensor assembly.
  • has a Fuel Pump that operates on 5.5 or 13 volts depending on load, that supplies fuel under pressure to the high pressure Fuel Pump.
  • has a lifetime fuel filter (serviced as part of the Fuel Pump).
  • has an Easy Fuel™ (capless) fuel tank filler pipe assembly, which cannot be modified in any way and is serviced only by the installation of a new fuel tank filler pipe assembly.
  • has a supplemental refueling adapter located in the luggage compartment.
  • has a high pressure Fuel Pump that supplies high pressure, low volume fuel pressure to the fuel rails.
  • has a FPDM located on the driver's side lower "C" pillar area.
  • has fuel tubes (liquid and vapor) along with brake tubes mounted on the underside of the vehicle in a bundle.
  • has a high pressure fuel tube from the high pressure Fuel Pump to the fuel rails.
  • uses separately controlled fuel injectors for each cylinder. The fuel injectors are mounted directly into the head.
  • fuel injectors are supplied with pressurized fuel from the high pressure Fuel Pump to the fuel rail.
  • has a serviceable fuel level sender mounted on the Fuel Pump Module.
  • Has a Fuel Pressure Sensor integrated on Liquid fuel line (Fuel bundle).
  • Has an in-line Fuel Tank Pressure Transducer.
  • External fuel filter (if equipped).

Fuel Pump Shut-off Feature

NOTE: Refer to the Description and Operation, Intelligent Access with Push Button Start in Section 419-01A to review the procedures for achieving the various ignition states (ignition OFF, ignition in ACCESSORY, ignition ON and ignition START) on vehicles with this feature.

The event notification feature provides other vehicle subsystems with information pertaining to SRS deployment or fuel cutoff status. When an impact occurs which exceeds a pre-determined threshold, the RCM sends a signal on a dedicated circuit to the BCM.

When the BCM receives a crash signal input from the RCM, the BCM initiates fuel cutoff by removing the ground signal from the Fuel Pump Relay and also sends a signal to the PCM on a dedicated circuit, disabling the fuel system.

After the fuel system is disabled, the vehicle can be re-started after carrying out the following steps:

  • Turn the ignition OFF.
  • Turn the ignition to START (on vehicles with push button start, press the start/stop button while the brake pedal is pressed).
  • Turn the ignition OFF.
  • Turn the ignition ON.


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