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Ford Fusion: Remote Control / Car Finder. Sounding the Panic Alarm

Car Finder

Ford Fusion. Car Finder. Sounding the Panic Alarm Press the button twice within three seconds. The horn sounds and the direction indicators flash. We recommend you use this method to locate your vehicle, rather than using the panic alarm.

Sounding the Panic Alarm

Note: The panic alarm only operates when the ignition is off.

Ford Fusion. Car Finder. Sounding the Panic Alarm Press the button to sound the panic alarm. Press the button again or switch the ignition on to turn it off.

    Replacing the Battery

    Note: Refer to local regulations when disposing of your remote control batteries. Note: Do not wipe off any grease on the battery terminals or on the back surface of the circuit board...

    Remote Start (If Equipped). Replacing a Lost Key or Remote Control

    Remote Start (If Equipped) WARNING: To avoid exhaust fumes, do not use remote start if your vehicle is parked indoors or in areas that are not well ventilated...

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    Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: Fuel System - Overview. Description and Operation

    Overview NOTICE: Repairs of the fuel system are to be achieved only by replacement of the failed component(s). Repair of a fuel system component should not be attempted. NOTICE: If directed during assembly of fuel system components, lubricate any seal(s) only with specified material...

    Ford Fusion 2013–2020 Service Manual: Specifications

      General Specifications Item Specification 1.5L EcoBoost - 150A (base) Generator pulley ratio 2.42:1 Generator pulley replaceable Yes Generator pulley type Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD) Rating 90 amps at 750 rpm (min) to 155 amps at 2,400 rpm (max) Voltage regulator type..


    Understanding Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Ford Fusion. Understanding Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    The tire pressure monitoring system measures pressure in your road tires and sends the tire pressure readings to your vehicle. You can view the tire pressure readings through the information display. The low tire pressure warning light will turn on if the tire pressure is significantly low. Once the light is illuminated, your tires are under-inflated and need to be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. Even if the light turns on and a short time later turns off, your tire pressure still needs to be checked.

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