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Ford Fusion: Power Transfer Unit - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35 / Power Transfer Unit - Overview. Description and Operation

The AWD system consists of the following:

  • Power Transfer Unit (PTU)
  • Rear driveshaft
  • AWD control module
  • Rear axle with coupling device

The Power Transfer Unit (PTU) is a gearbox that attaches to the transmission. The PTU directs power to the rear driveshaft through a helical gear spline coupled to the transmission differential case and hypoid/helical ring gear assembly and pinion set. It supplies torque to the rear axle through the rear driveshaft. The AWD control module is an electronic device which controls the rear axle coupling to apply the torque generated from the Power Transfer Unit (PTU) to the rear wheels when required. On AWD vehicles the intermediate shaft passes through the PTU and engages the differential side gears. The serviceability of the Power Transfer Unit (PTU) is limited to the input shaft seal LH, input shaft seal RH, intermediate shaft seal, transfer case rear seal, cover seal, face seal, vent hose and the output flange deflector. If any internal damage is present the Power Transfer Unit (PTU) must be replaced as a sealed unit.

Power Transfer Unit (PTU) Exploded View

Ford Fusion. Power Transfer Unit - Overview. Description and Operation
1 Output flange nut
2 Output flange
3 Deflector
4 Transfer case rear seal
5 Outer output shaft tapered roller bearing
6 Outer output shaft tapered roller bearing shim
7 Input Shaft Seal LH
8 Transfer case vent
9 PTU (power transfer unit) housing
10 Input shaft
11 Input shaft bushing
12 Input shaft outer bearing
13 Input shaft outer bearing shim
14 O-ring cover seal
15 PTU cover
16 PTU cover bolts (9)
17 Intermediate shaft seal
18 PTU fill plug
19 Input shaft seal RH
20 Output shaft
21 Inner output shaft tapered roller bearing
22 Inner output shaft tapered roller bearing shim
23 PTU drain plug
24 Face seal
25 Input shaft inner bearing
26 Input shaft inner bearing shim
27 Identification tag

    Power Transfer Unit - 6-Speed Automatic Transmission – 6F35


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